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5 Tips on Content Marketing during the Lockdown

The ongoing global pandemic has confined all humans to their respective houses and brought life to a standstill. Every sector of the economy, be it education, industrial, travel and tourism, IT, etc. are facing the consequences, and are taking efforts not to lose their existing customers as well as targeting potential customers.

If you are one of those wondering how can you ensure that your brand name is not forgotten,and also reaches out to more people, WHILE MAINTAINING SOCIAL DISTANCING, we have some effective content marketing tips for you.

1. Create content that catches the attention of the audience:

People are spending more time on the internet these days. They are on the lookout for something catchy and factual or entertaining, but avoiding lengthy pieces of content.

This phase can be used to your benefit. Here are a few ways:

a.       An average adult’s attention span for digital content is 8 seconds. Hence, keep your content short and crisp. Avoid detailed informative pieces.

b.      Create smart, consumable content. This can be done in four ways:



          Social media


c.       Create and introduce characters if required. Personas stay in the memory and give shape to content marketing.

2. Managing time and information

Increasing online presence cannot come at the cost of over-flooding the audience with content. It is mandatory to ensure that the audience does not face sensory overload. Although, being regular with marketing is important, maintaining a time interval between delivering two pieces of content will aid in the establishment of a healthy creator-viewer relationship.

3. Planning and strategizing

Analysis is the key, especially now that the lockdown has brought about a change in the digital traffic trend. To know which method of content marketing works best for you and when does it reach maximum viewers will help you set up a short term plan. Hence, a sure shot method to increase traffic is to be updated with the analytical data and use it for understanding and improvement.

4. Viewer engagement

Viewers tend to lose attention from monotonous, informative content. This holds especially true for the quarantine phase because anyway there is a lot of information coming along from here and there. Hence, viewers want something more than just that. Try to keep them engaged and entertained. Conducting online surveys, polls, quizzes, interactive sessions, webinars, etc. can be retained even after the lockdown is over, thus, keeping your clientele intact.

5. Staying motivated

It is not uncommon to experience lack of motivation for content promotion during these still times. However, this is, indeed, an ideal time to be at the best of your game. There won’t be too many enquiries or requests from customers, but with the right marketing styles, they will remember your entity when they need it again. So, keep going. Stay motivated. The results will come in.

The onset of COVID-19 and the consequent lockdown has brought about a dynamic change in the nature of digital traffic. It is advisable to stay up to date with the changing trends and formulate a plan accordingly. It is necessary to make your online presence felt, by ensuring that your content is relevant and does not cause an information overload. Most importantly, stay motivated to be productive.