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I believe that digital marketing is the future. It is a revolution in the world of marketing.

With the evolution of smartphones and the internet, digital marketing has seeped into the society and is gradually taking over old-school marketing.

I have been associated with SEO since 2004,

when the practice was very new. I began my career with the launch of TreatSEO ( in 2005, when dotcom was a novelty and the importance of websites had just been realized. At that time, my natural inclination and interest in digital marketing, SEO and SMM, along with my analytical skills and training from my first job at Bitscape helped me enter the market and carve a niche for myself.


Soon I understood that to survive in this field, hard work and smart work are both necessary, and so is being open to learning new technologies and keeping up with the dynamic market trends.

Since then, I kept expanding my skill set through certifications like Google Adwords, Bing Certified Professional, Microsoft Partner Network Digital Marketing Certification and many more. I began attending digital marketing events and got invited to some, including Search Marketing Expo (SMX), Ad:techIndia, Rise Conf, Web Submit, Surge Conf, and Click Asia. Eventually, I gained complete knowledge of the know-hows and have been devising customized and economic digital marketing solutions for my established global clientele. After successfully battling challenges like economic depression and the dynamicity of the market, my knowledge deepened and my hold on the market tightened. I, then, began hosting events to impart this knowledge and expertise.

TreatSEO, my certifications and trainings, the events I’ve attended and hosted... everything has changed my life for the better. I have vigorously matched pace with the market and am still doing so, alongside guiding new comers in the field.

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