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Award Winner Bhavin Bhavsar shares his journey in the world of Digital Media.

It was no less than a moment of a lifetime for Bhavin Bhavsar when he received the news that he had been nominated for the Entrepreneur of the Year 2021 for Digital Marketing. Being into the domain for more than a decade now, Bhavin took the plunge of faith by quitting his regular 9-5 job to dig into a field that he was passionate about. Even though there was still time for Digital Media to become all rage and the IT sector to boom with social media and other online platforms, this did not deter Bhavin from selecting Digital Media as his career choice.

Today, as he receives the award for the Entrepreneur of the year 2021 for Digital Marketing at Radisson Blue, Gurgaon, NCR from honored members of the Parliament, recognized by Bizox Media Network Pvt Ltd, Bhavin is happy, excited, overwhelmed, proud and speechless. While speaking to the press after the event, Bhavin was nostalgic about how his father never supported his decision to quit his job and step into something that had an unforeseeable future. However, his strong will to break free from the traditional mindset and his unrelenting attitude has brought him where he stands today. With humble beginnings, Bhavin has paved his way in the unknown world of Digital Marketing and has overcome every obstacle through sheer dedication and handwork. His penchant for delivering quality and unparalleled results is what has made him one of the most preferred Digital Marketers to work with and his holding this trophy today.

With loyal clientele that keep coming back to him, Bhavin has made sure that his journey in the world of Digital Marketing helps and guides others to make their mark in this field. Being an avid story teller, Bhavin is seen sharing his story of becoming a Digipreneur on many interviews on the television, radio, on different print media and through his personal blog on his website Being neck deep into digital marketing today and winning accolades for it, Bhavin today is sure that this field of work is here to stay and if one does put in their complete self into it and keep themselves abreast with the latest developments and innovations in the market, only then can one expect to reap the benefits at a sooner or later stage.

Humbly accepting his award, Bhavin wishes that he keeps contributing to the growing field of digital media and marketing and that more of the youth find this field as a lucrative career option and put in their efforts to creating a digitally strong nation and society.