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Best Travelpreneur Of Gujarat Award, 2022- Bhavin Bhavsar

Travel has always been his passion that he has given his heart and soul to. This relentless enthusiasm and zeal was ignited 15 years ago when he recognized his dream of becoming a travelpreneur, even when an aristocratic IT job was offering him all resources of a lucrative life.

Today, he receives the award of “Best Travelpreneur of Gujarat”, 2022. Bhavin Bhavsar, the one who put on the courageous armor of quitting 9-5 job and explore the world as a traveler at a very young age, when people only seek job security, salary hike and professional growth.

Asia’s biggest tourism award has been organized at Ahmadabad, science city which was indeed the first robot hosted award ceremony in terms of award distribution. It was a proud moment for the complete travel community to see Bhavin receiving Best Travelpreneur award, consecutively for years.

The journey that was started years ago, has now spread its roots and Bhavin has grown his travel network across the geographical boundaries, connecting people with the same passion and travelling more than 30 countries around the world.
Holding a distinct and viable potential in travel niche, he has accomplished a separate benchmark that is itself a solo example for innumerable folks who think of chasing their dream and passion before anything.

Diving deep into the world of travel, Bhavin is sure that he would use all his potential and resources to win further accolades in this field and be the epitome of passion, success, prosperity and innovation.