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10 Myths of being a Travelpreneur | Live | Travel | Earn

A travelpreneur is basically an entrepreneur who travels. Travelpreneurs are travellers who own a profitable business. 

Myths of being a Travelpreneur

The life of a travelpreneur might seem complex and absurd to laymen and hence, there are a number of myths associated with it. Some of these are:


  • They’re paid to travel

No, travelpreneurs are not paid to travel. Nor do they have sponsorship for stays. They travel on their own terms, while running their business simultaneously. 

  • The business suffers when they are are travelling

Travelpreneurs live in a way such that they balance their business and travel, or even merge the two if required. It’s not odd for a travelpreneur to carry their laptops on their journeys. It’s the arrangement that they’ve made which doesn’t let their business nor their travels suffer.

  • They’re working 24 hours a day

Just because they are seen with their work even while travelling does not mean they work round the clock. They work when they have work. If there is something that needs attention urgently, they take it up. But usually, they organize their schedule impeccably.

  • They’re escapists

There is a notion associated with travellers that they are mere escapists. This is the case more with travelpreneurs because they come across as people trying to escape reality and run away from the responsibilities. However, this is not the case. They are, in fact, better at juggling between things and have excellent problem solving skills, because they experience life closely.

  • There is no satisfactory income

Another common myth is that travelpreneurs cannot earn well because they are usually away. Definitely untrue. They earn a satisfactory income and even have the scope to expand their business if required, without compromising on travelling for a long time. It’s all a game of balance and efficient blending. 

  • They live alone

Not all travelpreneurs live alone, as per the myth. They usually have very supportive families, who back up their absence and give them the liberty to live the way they want. Travelpreneurs even have friends who do the same. So, no, they don’t necessarily live alone. They have families, friends and the associated responsibilities just like anyone else does. 

  • All they do is have fun

While having fun is undoubtedly the agenda of life, it’s not always the case. Travelpreneurs have to juggle between work and fun. As mentioned earlier, they even have their own share of responsibilities. Life isn’t always fun, but they know to make the most of it.

  • They don’t have time for anything other than travelling

Travelpreneurs have weekends and day offs just like anyone else. If they aren’t travelling on a weekend, they chill, hangout and relax. So, they do have time for other things as well. 

  • They do not have any creative talents

Managing multiple things perfectly is the most creative task there is! It requires a sharp presence of mind and creative problem solving skills. Travelpreneurs may or may not have talent in performing arts of paper-pen arts, however, they are very creative minds and strategies.

  • We are not physically healthy

Ofcourse, travelling tends to take a toll on health, because of eating out, changes in timezones, jet lags, physical exhaustion, etc. However, travelpreneurs get into the habit of dealing with these issues. They rise above them all and build great stamina and immunity, which in turn keeps them healthy. 

The life of a travelpreneur is challenging but rewarding as well. Notwithstanding the struggles, travelpreneurs strike the perfect balance between passion and profession and this is what makes them aspirational for everyone.