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2020 Trending SEO Aspects that will influence your work

SEO or Search Engine Optimization is the process of growing the quality and quantity of website traffic by increasing the visibility of a website or a web page to users of a web search engine.turns(Wikipedia) 


Over the years, the concept of SEO has seen many twists and turns. With new practices coming up, new ideas venturing and the curiosity about how the system works, SEO practices have evolved over the years. What began with a rough, trial and error phase, went to grow into a full fledged methodology and is now at the peak of its importance in the market. 

Considering the evolution of the concept of SEO, below are some of the latest aspects of SEO to keep in mind while building a website.

  • Featured Snippets

According to experts of the industry, having polished featured snippets are the key to attracting website traffic. Earlier, the websites were constantly competing to be the topmost pick of the search engine. Even now the struggle remains the same, but featured snippets have gained more importance. It has been proven that having good quality featured snippets attract more traffic than having the number 1 position in the search engine. Hence, ensure that you have your featured snippets in place. 

  • On Page and Off Page SEO

On page SEO is essential and can be ensured by making title, subtitle and descriptions SEO compliant. The content on the landing page must have proper placement of the keywords. The keywords must be sprinkled strategically. These keywords can be obtained using SEO tools, such as Google Analytics. 

Off page SEO basically includes SEO practices at the backend, such as the arrangement of different sections of your website, building the link of the website, social media sharing, alt texts for images and videos, etc. These must be specially looked after as they play an important part in the ranking of a website. 

  • High Quality Content and Media

Another mandate is having high quality website content. The search engines are smart enough to fetch good quality content and this helps the website tremendously. Anyone can study the technicalities and build a website, but what makes a website different from the others is the content on it. So, make sure that your content is free of grammatical errors, relevant, easy to understand and attention grabbing. 

Low quality media is a pet peeve for the audience. Thus, go for good quality images and videos, which are clear and attractive. 

  • Mobile Optimized

Most of the viewers these days load websites on mobiles rather than laptops, tablets or computers. It’s necessary to adapt to the changing times and make the website mobile optimized. Sometimes, a particular page of the website looks good on the desktop but haywire on mobiles. Hence, it is a must to test the UI and UX of the website on a mobile as well. 

  • Speed Optimization

Slow loading websites are detested by the audience. Infact, most of the viewers will quit a website if it loads slow. The backend allows speed optimization which can be made optimum use of to give the audience a user friendly experience. 

  • Social Media SEO

This is another essential aspect. Social media is gaining more and more importance with each passing day, and has its own set of tips and tricks. For social media SEO, the username, time of posting content, platform for the content, the caption and the alt text are all supposed to be considered. 

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  • Secure Websites 

Most of the audience will close your website if it is not secured. So, ensure that you have followed all the guidelines and made the necessary payments to make your site a secured one. 

  • Local SEO

This is an extremely important aspect of the SEO game. It is like a customized feed for the target audience. Local SEO gives the audience the products or services that they are looking for or those that are in their vicinity. This ensures that the ad doesn’t go waste and also renders a great deal of traffic. Hence, it is advised that you get your local SEO settings right.

Keeping the above points in mind while creating your website will render you a top position in the search engine results. Thus, attracting a larger traffic and resulting in enhanced fame. Such is the role of SEO; it can make or break the online presence of a business.