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10 Tips to Improve Your Instagram Marketing Strategy

Instagram has become the most used social media app lately. It has become most people’s go-to digital space. Instagram is a user friendly app which keeps creating interesting updates to keep the users hooked on.

Currently, influencer marketing on Instagram has paved its way as the most effective marketing strategy. Business groups, NGOs, etc. vow by instagram influencers for promotion of their ideas and increment of their sales. Overall, instagram is a very simple app for marketing if one understands some basic tricks. 

(1) Create a professional, concept-based account

Having a concept, an aim in mind for the instagram profile is at the core of instagram marketing. This is the foundation as it defines the target. It is very necessary to have a vision in mind for the profile and work towards maintaining its relevance. Not doing so will confuse the audience instead of impressing them.

It is also important to note that switching from personal account to professional account provides additional features which are beneficial for Instagram marketing. It helps reach out to a larger target audience.

(2) Add a relevant and SEO-friendly user name and a creative bio

The username of an account tells the audience what the concept is all about. Hence, ensure that the username is catchy and relevant. The bio further describes the brand and must be crisp and creative. The username and bio should, as far as possible, be SEO friendly so that the account ranks up when someone searches for that particular concept in the search bar of the app.

(3) Follow image posting guidelines

Media plays a very crucial role in instagram marketing. Here are some basic guidelines to post media on instagram to attract traffic:

  • First and foremost, ensure that all the images are of supreme quality. This is the first thing that will connect the audience to the page. Blur images are an obvious pet peeve.
  • Focus on details of the media. For example, if the account is a product based one, add the price of the product with the image. Make sure the image justifies the concept.
  • Use eye catching visuals that attract the viewers and leave them wanting for more.
  • Use relevant and original images. As far as possible, use personal images or videos, or ask a graphic designer to create what you want. Avoid using directly downloaded imagery.
  • In case you have to use a directly downloaded image, check for copyright issues.

(4) Strategize posts

This is one thing that social media executives vow by! Analyze the traffic.

There are strategic days and timings during which a post can reach maximum audience. Google analytics as well as the data analysis feature on instagram can be used to check this.

(5) Focus on target audience

There will always be audiences for whom your concept will be irrelevant or uninteresting. For example, a brand promoting lipsticks might be irrelevant for a man, but could interest a woman. Hence, the focus must be on a particular set of target audience. Determine the characteristics of the sample of population for whom the concept you’ve created will benefit and focus on the same. Instagram allows you to select a pre-defined sample as well.

(6) Observe competitors’ strategies, but be authentic

It is a good practice to be aware about what competitors are doing. This helps in analysing where your brand stands and what better can be done. However, ensure originality and authenticity to attract the right followers.

(7) Use hashtags wisely

Hashtags are the winning card for a successful instagram marketing strategy. Hashtags make a post searchable and SEO adhering. Hence, ensure apt usage of hashtags. They must be to the point, grammatically correct, should contain common words, and not be too many in number or too long to read.

(8) Engage with the audience

Engaging with the target audience will help establish a connection with them. It will drive more traffic to the page and create awareness about it. It will keep the followers intrigued and hooked. Audience engagement is possible in multiple ways, like stories, polls, quizzes, questions, contests, giveaways, etc.

(9) Optimize for monetization

Monetization on instagram takes place mostly in indirect ways. Businesses can link their posts to the ecommerce website from where people can purchase them. Collaborations are also popular where two concept based accounts merge to put up something together. This may or may not be monetary directly, but it helps gaining traffic, which in turn can enhance sales. Reviews are another common practice on instagram, where one gives a positive review to another to promote their concept. For this, influencer marketing works best. Audiences follow influencers and take their advice and reviews into consideration.

(10) Use the ads feature

The ads feature on instagram is a monetized one which promotes a particular post and allows it to reach a predefined target audience. This feature basically works exactly like the ads on television. It pops up on the feed of the target audience and brings their attention to the parent concept. Many experts from all around the world agree that this feature goes a long way in creating a winning Instagram marketing strategy.

Instagram is considered one of the most appropriate mediums of marketing in the present; and its future looks bright as well. It is important to understand that the effectiveness of instagram marketing does not prove itself overnight. Being consistent is very important. If you sow the seeds today, you will see the fruits soon. So, start now to reach your desired goal.