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Travel Influencers : The Future?

Who are travel influencers?

Travel influencers are those travellers who inspire people to travel through digital platforms, mainly social media. They are those individuals who have taken up travelling full time and become a digital role model for the same. They ‘influence’ others to travel.

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The future of travel influencers

The travel industry has come to a standstill because of the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic and put those associated with the industry in a catch-22 situation. However, I believe that once the pandemic comes under control, the future is bright for travellers, especially travel influencers.

When the travel and tourism industry resumes its operations, domestic travel is predicted to rise. For this, countries and also states within countries will be required to promote their local tourism. The best way for this is to collaborate with travel influencers. Hence, I believe that travel influencers are the future of the travel and tourism industry.


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Tips for budding travel influencers

  • Keep the audience engaged

Your audience is obviously not planning any trips in the near future and infact, might not even have travelling in their minds. However, being a budding travel influencer, you must keep the audience engaged with your content. Keep your content relatable and relevant to the situation.

  • Motivate them to not lose hope

As I said earlier, the public might not have travelling plans in hand currently. But it is your responsibility to ensure that they don’t lose hope. Motivate them that travelling will be possible again.

  • Be up to date about what’s happening in the travel sector

As a budding travel influencer, you must stay up to date with news regarding the travel sector, be it global or local. You can even impart this information to your audience. 

  • Make plans for the future

Make travelling plans for the future without fixing up a date. Encourage your audience to do the same. Organize giveaways and discounts. 

  • Do not give up

Most importantly, do not give up even when there seems no hope. Keep yourself motivated and at the best of your game despite the negative situation. This will surely help in the future.