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My Experience in the White Desert -Dholavira Rann Of Kutch Gujarat

The Rann of Kutch, I had heard, was something too beautiful to miss. And so, following my heart, I took the decision to visit it during the months when it turned white and on a full moon night.

Rann of Kutch

One the way to dholavira, Kutch

A 6 hour travel from Ahmedabad got me to Dholavira, a humble village in Kutch, known for its views of the white desert and comparitively lesser crowd than other areas of the region. Interestingly, every year for roughly 4 months (November to February), the otherwise dry desert becomes a sparkling white one. This is because of the salt deposit from the nearby water bodies and rainfall.

The Welcome

I reached the resort at 2:30 PM and was welcomed the traditional way, with aarti, tikka and a rose. After authentic lunch, I was allocated a traditional Kutchi bagha (tents). The tents looked very appealing to the eyes and were also cosy and comfortable. After settling down and sufficient rest, I set out for a walk towards a nearby oasis. My first walk in the desert was a unique experience- gosh! The sand literally makes the feet sink! As the sun started setting and simultaneously a bunch of us had started interacting, the moment was so beautiful; it deserved to be frozen! 

Rann Resort Dhoalvira - Bhavin Bhavsar

Rann Resort Dholalvira

Full Moon In The Desert

Another different experience was watching the big, bright full moon overlooking the vast expanse of desert land. A sight I wanted to fit in my mind forever. A corresponding stroll in the desert taught me about the illusion that is created while walking on the desert- you feel you are walking straight, but you’ve actually gone haywire. 

Full Moon at whire desert

Full Moon at Whire Desert – Dholavira, Kutch, Gujarat

Sunrise In The White Desert

The next day began early enough to see the sunrise at the white desert, which was just a few kilometers away from our resort. The sun added a tinge of golden hue to the whiteness of the desert and looked magnificent; a view so beautiful that words won’t do justice to it.

Sun Rise at White Rann

Sun Ruse at White Rann – Dholavira, Kutch, Gujarat

Archeological Site of the Harappan Civilization

The Kutch experience is enhanced by a  visit to the Archeological Site of the Harappan Civilization. This site, located at the Indo-Pak border, was a few kilometers away from our resort. To put it simply- it is the most enticing place I have visited! For a few minutes, I did not believe I was standing at the central point of the Indus Valley Civilization- an enclosed, desert like area, with incredible archaeological features including the citadel, a reservoir, bathing area, etc.

Archeological Site of the Harappan Civilization

Archeological Site of the Harappan Civilization

Sunset In the White Desert

The evening was again in the white desert and the views of the sunset were even more serene and grand and everyone was joyous- some dancing, performing garba, playing games, clicking pictures and so on. As I stared at the desert, I realized that there is so much we can learn from it. 

  1. Twists and turns are exciting, but sometimes the mind needs nothingness to retrieve peace of mind.
  2. It’s important to stay calm despite harsh conditions.
  3. Keep walking even if you see no trace of the destination. It’s definitely there. So, don’t give up.
Sunset In the White Desert

Sunset In the White Desert

Sun Temple, Modhera

An intriguing tourist spot on the way from Dholavira to Ahmedabad is the Sun Temple at Modhera. I was genuinely taken aback with just a glance at the marvel! Such an intricate, detailed, magnificent structure! No wonder the site is amongst the Heritage Sites of India. A very satisfying and visually appealing visit was followed by our return journey with full safety ensured again.

Sun Temple, Modhera

Sun Temple, Modhera

Overall, I was very impressed with my first visit to the Kutch region. Its beauty is unparalleled, the locals are extremely hospitable and some very enticing tourist destinations coexist with the grand desert.

How to Reach Dholavira:

Dholavira is a 4hr drive from Bhuj and 6 hrs drive from Ahmedabad.

Best time to visit!

Between Nov to Feb